It is intended that the area between Eindhoven and Helmond, Gulbergen estate, will serve as a green recreational buffer between the urban centers Eindhoven and Helmond, now and in the future.

Gulbergen is described as a recreational landscape park with a strong green articulation. Several recreational facilities for day recreation will get, or already have, a place on the estate.

Gulbergen Estate, a total of 325 hectares, is broadly bordered by:

  • The A270 Eindhoven-Helmond highway on the north side;
  • The building ribbon "Het Broek" and the municipal border of Geldrop-Mierlo with Helmond on the east side;
  • The Eindhovensch Canal on the south side;
  • De Collse Hoefdijk and the existing industrial area Eeneind on the west side.