The forests on the estate can be divided into two types due to the history and soil: parentage forest on relatively poor soil and young planting on former agricultural land and relatively rich soil.

The forests within the Gulbergen estate are spread across three objects; the Steenoventerrein, the Prinsessenbos and the Geboortebos.

The Geboortebos, Prinsessenbos and a small part of the Steenoventerrein are forests that have been built on former agricultural land since 2000. Parts of the Geboortebos and Prinsessenbos originated from the annual planting of trees in honor of the birth of a child. The signs in the forest indicate in which year and for which children trees have been planted. The Prinsessenbos was opened in December 2002 by the Princesses Laurentien, Marilène and Annette. They each planted a tree in honor of the birth of their child.

Eventually, a total of 65 hectares of new forest will be built on Gulbergen. Of these, approximately 45 hectares are compensated from the forest law. This law regulates the conservation of forest. This means that if forest is permanently felled, this must be compensated by planting trees elsewhere. This new forest has been fully constructed. The total plan area of ​Landgoed Gulbergen now consists of 100 hectares of forest.  The forest lines will go beyond the borders of the Gulbergen Estate and are connecting the north and southlines. The whole forest at the Gulbergen estate is managed according to the FSC-method.