The Hooijdonksche Beek is a side stream of the river Dommel.

It originates from two watercourses. The first one starts in Mierlo (originally at the church) and the second one starts at the Luchense Heide as the Luchense Wetering at a height of 20m. The stream is led under the Eindhovensch Canal, runs through Nuenen and ends at Nederwetten in the Dommel, a little to the north of the Hooijdonk watermill.

In 2012/2013, an ecological connecting zone was set up along the Hooijdonksche Beek with small-scale landscape elements. The ecological connecting zone Hooijdonksche Beek is the green vein of Gulbergen that meets the ecological oasis for flora and fauna including the crested salamander as a target species. The landscaping of the estate and the layout of the ecological connecting zone combine the various functions of the estate into a wholly landscape.